MP-001 3x4 top view
MP-005 4x4 bottom view
MP-001 3x4 Mounting plate bottom view
MP-005 4x4 top view
MP-007  5x5 bottom view
MP-007  5x5 top view


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Mounting Base Plates

PN: MP-001  3" X 4"

PN: MP-005  4" X 4"

PN: MP-007  5" X 5"

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Mounting base plates can be used by themselves  as a rigid attachment to connect the pole system directly to your boat, or can act as a mounting base when using an MP-002 hybrid plate and thumbscrews, allowing you to move the transducer pole system to another base plate at a different location,  on another boat,  or for storing.

What size do you need? 

That is user preference.  Depending on your boat's construction, and the area or space you have to attach to.

What are the different ways i can use mounting plates?


Direct Bolting:
3x4, 4x4, and 5x5 mounting plates will all attach directly to the bottom of our pole system riser, allowing you to bolt the whole assembly to the boat with 4 flat head screws at each corner.


Example:  Riser bolted to a  5x5 mounting plate,which is permanently attached to the boat.  The pole system can only be removed from the  riser clamp assembly .
Thumbscrew Mount to a Base plate:
As an option, you can attach an MP-002 hybrid adapter plate to the bottom of the pole system riser and then attach directly to any of the 3x4, 4x4 or 5x5 base plates with thumbscrews.

Example:  Riser bolted to an MP-002 hybrid adapter plate, and then thumbscrew mounted to a 5x5 base plate in this example.   The pole system can be removed from either the riser clamp assembly, or from the base plate by removing the two thumbscrews.